Storm Solutions – Working Miracles in the Paintless Dent Repair Industry

The largest retail automotive hail repair company in the United States, Storm Solutions uses its expertise to restore vehicles to their former beauty 

Service businesses are hot items in our economic landscape. With too much to do and too little time to get it all done, consumers are looking to service businesses to handle their needs. Many lack the skills and equipment to handle some of their responsibilities. Paintless dent repair is one of the services that is outside the wheelhouse of almost everyone who is not in the industry. Donzel Dubel, the owner of Storm Solutions, is on a mission to provide superior customer service and repair work on every vehicle entrusted to his company.

Thankfully, not all of our nation’s brightest and best are landing in medical, legal, finance, and high-tech professions. Dubel was enmeshed in academia, pursuing a law degree, when he paused to do a bit of soul-searching. He would have made a fine attorney, but he took a thorough look at his natural strengths. He had always been an artist, played instruments, and enjoyed working with his hands. His father was a custom home builder, and Dubel often spent time with him at construction sites, tinkering with the tools of the trade. Regarding his decision to abandon his legal studies, he says, “I felt the call of something greater and decided to take personal accountability for myself and take charge of my destiny.”

Dubel met a master hail repair technician, David Horany,  who mentored him and allowed him to intern with him. Even though it requires a lot of skill, there is no formal schooling for hail damage repair. “I was never afraid to get dirty,” says Dubel. “You literally have to take parts apart, stick metal pieces in, and mold the metal back, like a metal sculptor.” He loved the seasonal nature of this lucrative industry, working hard for several months, followed by slow periods that left time for vacation and travel.  

Dubel’s mentor was one of the pioneers who began using paintless dent repair techniques in the United States. Dubel saw an opportunity in the profession and paid close attention, learning everything he could from him. He began working in the industry seven years ago as a paintless dent repair technician. Technician work involves molding the metal, using metal rods, ranging in length from 3 inches to 10 feet, often working underneath the vehicle, slowly massaging the dents out. “This is by far the most challenging art I have ever tried to accomplish,” says Dubel. “It is physically demanding, requiring me to push metal with bare hands, transforming it from dented to flat. It takes surgical precision and literally pushing it a thousand or more times to get it completely flat.”

After advancing in the profession, becoming highly skilled, and learning the ins and outs of the business, he launched his own company. Storm Solutions is the largest retail automotive hail repair company in the United States. According to the website, Dubel’s goal for the company is to work tirelessly to fulfill commitments to customers, never take their business for granted, and deliver quality service with a lifetime guarantee for each vehicle. 

Along with Storm Solutions being a top-notch company, it also believes in giving back. They do this through their program “repair with a purpose”. The company gives back by selecting local nonprofit organizations to receive 1% of their total revenue as a charitable donation. 

Dubel is also giving back through The Dreamweaving Foundation, a nonprofit he founded. His vision is to offer classes that uplift children and young adults and to give them the right to believe in one’s self. His upbringing influenced the value he now places on the power of having faith in his own life. His heart for community service will undoubtedly grow The Dreamweaving Foundation in remarkable ways in the coming years.

Working in a business that serves people who are at the mercy of weather is a form of giving back too. Hail can be pea-sized, a quarter-inch, to beyond grapefruit-sized, four-and-a-half inches. The largest hailstone recovered in the United States had a diameter of eight inches, a circumference of 18.62 inches, and weighed 1lb 15 ounces. Hail can wreak havoc on dwellings, agriculture, livestock, and vehicles. Imagine the damage a hail storm can inflict on the body of an automobile. Without a doubt, Dubel’s customers are grateful for his artist’s eye, high standards, and expertise in giving their vehicles a facelift, flattening out every dent to perfection.

Unfortunately, not all hail damage repair is the same and there’s a big difference in quality of work performed in the industry. Customers deserve to have the kind of quality service Storm Solutions provides. Paintless dent repair is their forte, and providing customers with a lifetime guarantee is their promise.

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