Mentor Ricky Mendez The Founder of MPower Prosperity Is Changing The Way We Think

Here’s How International Speaker, Coach, Empowerment Guru and Founder of MPower Prosperity – Ricky Mendez is Implementing Positive Mindsets, To Help Individuals and Businesses Flourish Financially

Sometimes we need someone to influence, guide, or give us direction in life, and a mentor is anyone who increases that quality of life. This is something that the founder of MPower Prosperity, Ricky Mendez, strongly believes in.

Ricky Mendez mentors business owners to increase revenue while building a culture and foundation to support explosive growth.  

He believes in a term called Mindset Fitness that challenges our willpower. He implements this in his work as an international speaker, consultant and coach by teaching simple and easy strategies to help people thrive in business and life.

The teachings are focused on methods that will enable people to rise above the two biggest dream killers; procrastination and negativity. Applying small, consistent action towards a goal leads to massive empowered and transformational change.

Former President, VP of sales, and COO of companies spanning Southern California over the last ten years, Ricky Mendez, is a ball of energy, ditching his high-flying sales job to discover a life that set his soul on fire. 

Mendez insists that his introduction in the world of implementation speaking occurred after a chance encounter with an audience member, who he met at a wellness event in Southern California. “A woman confided in me, and I suggested to her how to implement change,” he laughs. “I didn’t show somebody how to make money. I showed somebody, in my opinion, how to live a better life, in turn, to be more productive and profitable as a human being then the money will follow. She thanked me for that. And I quit my job like it was the best feeling that I ever had. I became addicted to that feeling of helping another.” 

At this moment, Mendez had developed his definite primary purpose in life; a magnificent obsession. Not only did his quality of energy skyrocket, but the lives of those around him did as well. These realizations helped him understand the power of influence and use it for greatness. But his sudden epiphany was encouraged by multiple mentors who massively improved the quality of his life. “It’s my responsibility to pay it forward.” 

Not to mention that; by surrounding himself with inspirational people and quotes, his transformation continued to rise, along with his stock. ”Behind me is Earl Nightingale, and he was a mentee of Napoleon Hill, who wrote Think And Grow Rich,” he says. Hill said that our brains are the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known.”

Now transforming businesses for the better worldwide, Mendez has planted the seeds for a revolution in company culture through mindset coaching, prosperity planning, and sales programs. Mendez embodies consistent self-development: prioritizing implementation over motivation. “We don’t ask for help because we get afraid and our ego gets in the way, and we think it comes from weakness – it doesn’t, it comes through strength,” he says passionately.

Mendez believes it all starts with the foundation of the ethical culture that facilitates and celebrates the success of others. In rebuilding these companies, Ricky has faced some severe challenges and obstacles that have confirmed the strength of his teachings through the consistent implementation of a positive mindset and prosperity planning. But through this, the founder of MPower Prosperity has overseen operations in Southern California that have generated over $500,000 while he has also been responsible for appointing vital personnel to implement the mindset and sales programs.

The purpose of this is to show people how unbelievably powerful we are – and it all starts with our young generation. 

Despite not having any children of his own, Mendez’s desire to empower future generations has resulted in many young mentors being the inspiration behind the idea for a children’s book, slated for publication in 2022. “Children are eternal optimists,” he wisely points out. “They have yet to be conditioned by the fear of their limitations.” The yet-to-be-titled book revolves around the Australian animal the Quokka – which has earned the reputation of being “the world’s happiest animal.” 

“The book is all in rhyme, while I’m a huge proponent of women’s empowerment. The mentor in the book is a woman, and she teaches the Quokka (named Grateful Grayson) how to change a certain perspective to create self-empowerment.” 

All of his programs focus on consistency. Even though his multiple exercises may only be a few seconds, Mendez believes that neurochemically and biologically, that person changes. “Lower the bar man, lower the bar,” he says. “People think the universe rewards scale. The universe doesn’t give a shit about scale. All it cares about is consistency.”

Ricky Mendez is implementing change. A change to your mindset to live the best-empowered versions of ourselves yet. To understand this power and to execute it consistently is truly utopic.

Michelle Laver, Writer

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