I AM CREATOR: Master Sri Akarshana is the Inspiring Yogi Taking the Internet by Storm in 2022

Master Sri Akarshana is making a splash this year, flooding the web with invaluable, life-changing content, and bringing seekers of the world to one place with his newest creation, the I AM CREATOR community. 

With 111 million hits on YouTube for his Law of Attraction content alone, Spiritual Master, Philanthropist, and Influencer Master Sri Akarshana is stepping up to empower the masses by teaching powerful manifesting techniques and so much more. Enriched from life experience, he is on a mission to share the sacred knowledge he has acquired, and humankind is lining up to listen.

Known to many as “The Yogi with The Lamborghini,” Master Sri Akarshana has firmly established his name in social media over the past decade. Journeying to Kenya and most recently the Himalayan Mountains, he has returned from every one of his travels more inspired and eager to share the spiritual wisdom bestowed upon him. After an intensive month-long training for the mind, body, and spirit with Grandmaster Akshar, a well-known and respected Yogi, his transformation was apparent when he surfaced from the Himalayas. Brandishing a new name, a new title of Spiritual Master, and a reinforced clarity of his purpose in this world, his followers knew there was something big coming next. Master Sri Akarshana proposed upon returning, “We live in a world of division, in race, culture, and religion. If only the world would come together in love, peace, and oneness, we could heal the world forever.” This thought lit a fire in him, inspiring him to find a way to bring his audience together and create an enlightened, educational, and supportive network for all.

Born of this inspiration, I AM CREATOR, which, according to their website, “provides a platform for millions of students worldwide, broadcasting powerful knowledge and training on Success Mindset, Wealth Creation, Law of Attraction and Spirituality.” This is made possible by “a team of communication coaches, yoginis, freedom lifestyle hackers, writers, web-wealth wizards, relationship communicators, expert speakers, marketing gurus, self-love coaches, filmmakers, creative directors.” With a mission to spread the message of love, knowledge, and consciousness combined with a vision to positively impact a billion lives this year through online education, live training and charitable movements – Master Sri Akarshana proves he is not just any social media guru.

I Am Creator’s magnanimous success has led to exponential growth across Master Sri Akarshana’s platforms. His belief that what humanity desires most is to “create a life beyond imagination” is validated by 2.5 million followers over YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Inside IAmCreator is ‘The Creators Circle,’ an online community and downloadable app that Master Sri Akarshana describes on his website as “the place that brings us together, where you can come and discuss anything, in a safe environment; with people that won’t judge you.” He goes on to speak on the intent of The Circle, saying 

“At I Am Creator, we believe everyone has the ability to live a healthy life. This means a healthy mind, body, soul, and a healthy relationship to wealth to live a life of abundance for themselves and their families. We are here to support people to be able to fulfill an unlimited level of abundance in their life and to guide them while they find their worthwhile path.”

IAmCreator has continued to expand, now found on their very own podcast, each week sharing the latest news and success stories along with interviews with inspirational guests sharing wisdom in stories of life, success, and empowerment. In addition to in-person speaking engagements, they have announced their first of many live online events for the year. These workshops are an excellent chance to deep-dive into learning Master Sri Akarshana’s life-changing insights and techniques to manifest miracles and increase abundance in your life. In conjunction with daily content delivered through YouTube and other platforms, all of these features fill the cups of millions who have adopted Master Sri Akarshana’s message into their daily practice. His teachings inspire the earth’s inhabitants to realize their full potential. By providing such a valuable service to the planet, we can’t see his soaring popularity waning any time soon.

To learn more about Master Sri Akarshana, visit him at his website, IAmCreator.com, and on his Youtube channel.

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