The Incredible Success Story of VP Brian Covey


Mortgage and real estate are skyrocketing industries when it comes to consumer demand, especially in the US. However, it’s not easy, and when it comes to fields like real estate, it can be incredibly turbulent, often making it challenging to be in this field because of the constantly changing prices, trends, values, and everything else that connects with it. This is why many people spend their entire careers trying to make it to the top.

However, Brian Covey is someone who not only found success in the mortgage and real estate industry but, along with that, is the VP of a prominent mortgage company in the US called loanDepot. 

Since his time at the company as VP, Brian has made some incredible and significant achievements that have catapulted the company towards booming success. In less than 4 years, Brian has made incredible changes, such as scaling their team to ten times its number and taking the annual production numbers from an already impressive $250 million to a staggering $2.5 billion. Brian has since also recruited over 200 new sales and operations team members. 

These achievements, milestones, expansion, and recruitments Brian has made in a short time are examples of success and how the demand is growing for his work. This is all due to his talent and the hard work Brian has put in. He’s also a Forbes Real Estate Council member and a regular speaker at Housing Wire and other industry events. Brian is currently at the helm of something incredible. He is leading one of the fastest-growing mortgage companies in the region. 

Before becoming a VP and getting into the leadership position he is now, Brian was a top producing loan officer in Memphis. He leveraged his sport and psychology expertise to build high-performance teams. He has always had an attitude of winning, and he’d combine an attitude of distribution and domination to achieve this winning culture. 

Apart from his incredible past and Brian’s impressive work now, he also has more responsibilities. Brian is the father of 3 kids, and he’s been happily married for 19 years. He attends the Church of the City and loves soccer. In addition to that, he loves coaching and traveling to the beach. 

Looking at Brian, we can see how much determination and passion he has for everything he does. Not only does he have to execute and carry out his responsibilities as a VP at a prominent montage company, but he also runs a family and does it all remarkably well. 

When looking back, Brian mentions that buying his first home was when he realized this was what he wanted to do. He fell in love with finance and then carried on down this path in the coming years. These days, Brian targets homeowners, loan officers, realtors, coaches, and athletes due to his soccer history and his love for coaching. 

Brian has not only done incredibly well in his professional life but also in his personal life. While making incredible progress in scaling his company to new heights, he also fulfills his responsibilities as a father and a husband to the best of his abilities. 

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