Ashley Black, Inventor of Tissue Regeneration tools, Was Honored with an International Stevie Award for 2022 Woman Of The Year And Lifetime Achievement in Consumer Products

Ashley Black is a three-time Stevie Winner, including these two 2022 awards and she was named 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year for Health and Beauty. Black is a health and beauty icon turning the industry on its head with her revolutionary innovations in biotechnologies for fascia.

In her early career, Ashley Black was a celebrity body worker to some of the richest and most famous people in the world, including clientele like the New York Yankees, Olympians, Leonardo DiCaprio, Margo Robbie, Gweneth Paltrow, and more. Her goals from the beginning have been to help people look, perform, and feel their best. She developed methods, and products, and has brought over 30 years of fascia research and development to the mainstream public. 

Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds organs, blood vessels, bones, nerve fiber, and muscle in place. Until recently, fascia has received little to no attention even though it plays a substantial role in the body, as discussed by Johns Hopkins Medicine. Fascia is a sensitive organ and when it’s under stress, it tightens up and causes adhesions to develop under the skin and in muscles. This causes the skin to have conditions such as wrinkles, cellulite, and a crepe look, and in muscles and joints, it causes pain and restriction. 

Black is a fascia pioneer, and the innovations she’s bringing relative to skin and other soft tissue regeneration are changing this once quiet landscape. 

Thought leader and acclaimed entrepreneur Ashley Black is a two-time #1 best-selling author and inventor of the self-massage myofascial tool, the FasciaBlaster®, and other associated tools. She was named 2022 Woman of the Year and honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Business Association for her noticeable impact on society with her renowned fascia tools and products. This piggy backs her 2020 awards by the American Business Associations Entrepreneur of the Year. 

It wasn’t always easy for Black, and she experienced many life-changing challenges that became the driving force for the scientific research that led her to where she is today: A highly successful business owner and inventor helping to improve people’s quality of life with all-natural solutions. 

Black was born in a small town in Georgia, and at a young age, she received the disheartening diagnosis of an aggressive form of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) that largely affected her childhood. She went in and out of doctors’ offices and was told she would need a wheelchair by 25. Defying the odds, Black developed her own coping mechanisms to control her flare-ups. She chose her own concoction of self-massaging, stretching, hot and cold baths, food charting, and strength training rather than prescription medication that was being pushed on her as a child. 
Later in life, she experienced a near-death experience after contracting a deadly bone infection and left the hospital with a prognosis of a life of pain once again. Not accepting this as her fate, she went on to research unexplored facets of human anatomy and came across fascia which led her to develop soft tissue therapy, fascia stretching, and more. Her holistic approach to wellness, sports performance, and recovery contributed to the creation of Fasciology™, a new realm of science that studies fascia to ease pain, improve limited mobility, reduce cellulite, and more.

“When I was crippled, I prayed to the universe to show me the path to heal myself in totality, and I said that I would share it with the world after if God would illuminate the path,” Black shares. 

She has fused the art and science of self-care with her products by connecting the health and beauty industries. Her innovations in biotechnologies for fascia, seen in validated peer-reviewed and published science, have impacted over 1 million people, an aspect of the body that has been largely misunderstood. Black has sought to raise awareness about the science after her own experience of curing herself by healing her fascia. 

“It’s not a bandage, it is a fix,” Black says. “If someone has a hamstring pull, they ice it and ride it out. If someone has a frozen shoulder, they get cortisone injections. If someone has back problems, they get spinal surgeries,” and these quick and temporary fixes are what she refers to as “senseless suffering and aging.”

At the heart of it, Black is an inventor and is continually broadening her wealth of knowledge to develop more products to fuel and heal the body to avoid senseless suffering and aging. Her vision is to revolutionize the healthcare system, beauty industry, and wellness sector by adding fascia as a problem and a solution. 

“Helping people heal in a different way is my mission,” Black illuminates, and she is on a mission to advance the science of fascia with her tools to be applied to vast areas of healing sciences in ongoing research. She has partnered with SAPS Academy (South American Plastic Surgeons) and formed FAA (The Fascia Advancement Academy) to train medical professionals and to continue to gather valuable data from their patients. 

Through her own journey of pain, diligent studying, and a never-ending desire to learn, Black has created big shifts in the health and beauty sectors and continues to learn and develop new methods. To learn more about Woman Of The Year Ashley Black and her revolutionary products, visit her website today.

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