Come Hell Or Hail – Tony Flattum Is The Property Investor Looking Out For People

The only thing more temperamental than a building is the weather – the best property investors and managers are the ones willing not to rest until the job is done right. In Minnesota, Tony Flattum has a strong reputation for doing just that. With twenty years in the exterior construction industry, Flattum knows what it takes to hold a building to the highest standards. Such integrity has served him well in a shift to property investment – more and more families are calling Flattum Capitol properties home.

Minnesota had just seen the worst hail storm of the season – and it’s not until noon that we get to sit down with Tony Flattum – the owner of Flattum Capitol – for a quick call. Flattum joins us from his truck, with the Built Strong Exteriors logo sewn into his shirt. He and his team have been restoring exteriors ravished by hail since the moment the storm subsided.

“You have to put things in the past and come in every day with a smile on your face,” Flattum says. “As a leader, you have to be calm within the storm.” For a guy who woke up with a slew of restoration projects across the entirety of Lake Elmo and beyond – Flattum is somehow the calmest person on the call.

Storms like this one are just another day in the life of Tony Flattum – who’s made a name for himself through a blend of grit and optimism that his community has come to lean on in times like these. First, it was through the reliable, honest, and accurate work of his construction company, Built Strong Exteriors. Now, he’s known for the countless properties he’s helped families just like his call home – through his real estate investment company, Flattum Capitol. 

When you’re dealing with buildings – especially in the ever-fluctuating climate of the Midwestern United States – the cost of excellence truly is vigilance. “You can’t control the problems,” Flattum tells us, “but when they come, you control how you handle them.”

Flattum’s been in the roofing and exterior business since 2002 and started investing in property in 2004. In that time, he’s seen what happens when people aren’t taken care of in the business and has worked effortlessly to ensure his team, clients, and customers have the means to weather their own storms. 

“In this business,” Flattum says, “you’re dealing with many people. From managing your sales team to listening to customers – you have to be ready to handle every situation. My experience has really conditioned me to see everything through to the end.”

Exteriors are the most vulnerable part of a building – roofing and cladding have to be built tough to withstand whatever card mother nature chooses to deal next. As the Managing Director of Built Strong Exteriors, Flattum has made sure every customer knows that a good roofing company should stand by you for life. On the other side of the coin, it’s a business notorious for up-selling – a trend Flattum has been vigilant about shifting.

“A lot of the time,” Flattum says, “people don’t know if they have damage or not. So when we go out there and give an honest inspection, they’re so thankful because they’re used to people knocking on their doors, showing them something that’s not really there, and guiding them in the wrong direction.”

This integrity has been the key to success for Flattum Capitol. A far cry from the clinical and detached corporate approach that grows far too common in real estate – Flattum is an active member of the community of people living in his properties. He knows that true value comes when you show up to do the job right, time and again. 

“There’s always gonna be work on these properties,” Flattum says, “having seen both sides of things – construction and ownership – I can make sure the buildings are being taken care of the right way. I’ve walked thousands of properties, from commercial to residential, and have been able to learn asset management from every angle.” 

At the end of the day, it’s not about the building – it’s about the people inside

“If you have a family,” Flattum says, “you know that the most important thing is making sure your home is protected. We hold our projects and properties to the highest standards so that instead of dealing with leaks and other issues, people can focus on creating a good home life.”

Such a mindset has built a strong trust between Flattum and those he serves, and the Minnesota native has quickly become the person to turn to for anyone looking to jump into the world of real estate. “It’s all about character and integrity,” Flattum says. “People hear the name of somebody who’s been doing this for a long time – and they know that they’re going to be fairly cared for.”  

We’d have loved to spend more time talking to Flattum, but he’s the type who speaks through action. He bids us farewell, off to spend the afternoon mending damaged roofs, supplying the needs of his team, and looking out for every family that calls a Flattum Capitol property home. 

Come hell or hail – Tony Flattum won’t rest until the job is done.
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