Spiritual Teacher, Healer, And Author Matt Kahn On What It Means To Be Conscious

Matt Kahn’s books have been translated into several languages and continue to receive acclaim. The empathic healer’s new book is timely, relevant, and sure to be a bestseller.

In a world of endless questions, love is the only answer.”

These words, written by Matt Kahn, sum up how you feel after spending time in an interview asking him questions about himself, his teachings, and life. His gentle, wise voice offers deliberate and elaborate responses to our simple questions and leaves us to write this article with a sense of having been in the presence of the divine.

Kahn is no overnight sensation in the world of spiritual teaching. He has been spreading his message on stages worldwide and online for many years, encouraging millions of people to pursue a life of awareness, love, and bliss. Described as a highly attuned, empathic healer, Kahn has a gift of seeing the world in a way that has healed and inspired.

Some have gone so far as to describe his teachings as ‘radical’. It seems incongruous to name teachings about love as radical, but his words challenge many beliefs about spirituality and ways of being in the world. While many spiritual teachers instruct their followers to wrestle with their demons, fight for silence in their meditations, and accept all that comes along passively, Kahn passionately advocates for an active response to life and its many ups and downs. 


Whatever happens, no matter the actions we are called to take, we love the one who feels exactly as you do. 

Kahn has been fondly known as the ‘I Love You Guy’ for nearly eighteen years. His mission is to help humans love themselves and heal people through love. He helps people transform their lives in the most loving way, so they are aligned with their spirit and do not simply create a new ego structure. 

“I’ve never seen what I do as radical,” says Kahn. “I think it’s seen as radical because, at a certain level of human experience, something that we don’t plan for or prefer has to be seen as an enemy in need of being defeated. And many people don’t know how to tap into the resilience and power of their inner light without having some sort of dark adversary to overcome. In the face of adversity, unexpected loss, or a devastating diagnosis, the idea that you could learn to love, partner up, and build a relationship with the thing you think is taking life away from you is radical.” 

“What I teach is when it gets real, that’s when love gets more real,” he adds. “It’s radical because of how transformative it is, how counterintuitive it is to the way society views and rewards punishment, preference, and loss. It sends a metaphorical cannonball through the spiderweb of egoic perception. It helps to unravel the very force within us that is perpetuating and creating the stresses, exhaustion, and divisions that keep our world so separate. It’s radical because of how it transforms. And it’s radical because it doesn’t subscribe to making anything an enemy to tap into the inner hero within all of us.”

Ultimately, Kahn teaches that love and the consciousness it allows are what change us. Being conscious is one of the most fundamental parts of a spiritual journey. A spiritual journey implies that we are trying to bring more consciousness into our lives, he says. “Consciousness is not becoming conscious of spiritual practices and concepts like ‘all is one,’ ‘we are all connected,’ or ‘love is the higher power,'” he explains. Being conscious is becoming acutely aware of what the unconsciousness has been designed to avoid. 

“The unconsciousness is avoiding your ability to change. When you become conscious, you become aware of the necessary changes to be made in your life to become the most mature version of yourself you can be,” says Kahn. 

Consciousness, like love, is everything, according to Kahn.

His new book, All for Love: The Transformative Power of Holding Space, continues the loving teaching Kahn is well-known for. The book offers heart-centered solutions to burning questions such as: How do you communicate with compassion during life’s most heated moments? How can personal struggle be an unexpected gateway into greater awareness, empowerment, and expansion? How do you have harmonious relationships with others despite profound differences?

With his radical approach, Kahn will gently allow readers to see our differences as golden opportunities to explore the depth of our interconnectedness. 

With more than 20 million YouTube views, you too can be inspired by his wisdom and teachings that help you become greater love in action.

Matt Kahn’s book, All for Love: The Transformative Power of Holding Space, published by Sounds True is now available.

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