Mastering the Art of Resilience: Lisa Vrancken’s Upcoming Book ‘BE…’ Is A Powerful Guide for Women in Business

Award-winning TV producer and #1 bestselling author Lisa Vrancken’s upcoming collaborative book ‘BE…’ supports female entrepreneurs in cultivating resilience, overcoming obstacles, and achieving success in the post-COVID era.

Today, 3 of 10 American entrepreneurs are women. On top of that, women are running nearly 13 million U.S. businesses and collectively generating over 1.9 trillion in revenue each year. 

According to a recent study, it’s an unprecedented time in history for women in business. The research shows that the number one reason women pursue entrepreneurship is for greater flexibility, empowerment, and autonomy. 

Though the benefits of entrepreneurship abound, it’s important to be aware that the entrepreneurial journey can come with its own unique challenges.

In her upcoming collaborative book, award-winning TV producer, number-one bestselling author, media expert, and internationally renowned brand strategist Lisa Vrancken provides a roadmap for how to overcome the obstacles of entrepreneurship.

The book is co-authored by Ashley Black, American Business Association’s Entrepreneur of the Year, number one bestselling author, and TEDxspeaker; and Korie Minkus, CEO/Founder of Rock Your Product® the top global product business advisory and growth training company.  

By sharing a new approach to inner work for women in business in the post-COVID era,  BE… From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity’ is on the verge of becoming the best book for women in entrepreneurship.

The New Book Empowering Women in Business

“The journey of a female entrepreneur is not linear. Getting knocked down happens, and what matters is getting up the next day. Yes, the mechanics of running a business, marketing, managing finances, and hiring talent are necessary skills for a female entrepreneur–but it’s not everything,” says Vrancken.

BE…‘ is a groundbreaking book on cultivating resilience–a superpower that every woman in business can harness for success.

Vrancken’s book explores a more poignant theme that has been an integral part of her journey, and every entrepreneur’s journey: perseverance. “All entrepreneurs must face failure, and I’m no exception,” Vrancken shares. “But I’ve learned that, most often, success in business comes down to one thing: persistence.”

Vrancken had to learn early on that roadblocks would be a part of her life. She grounded herself in a foundation of spirituality and Divine Feminine power to help her build resilience in both the personal and professional spheres.

Now, she’s a globally sought-after product consultant, marketing expert, and renowned speaker who helps others find their voice. Whether through her books, weekly Facebook Lives, or retreats and masterminds, Vrancken channels her two decades of experience to mentor people from all walks of life on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Pursuing Entrepreneurship in the Era of COVID-19

While the outlook for women entrepreneurs continues to evolve, data also shows that more than 3 million U.S. women left the workforce–whether they were laid off, furloughed, or made a hard decision to leave a job to care for a loved one.

“The impact of the pandemic, along with other global crises of war, poverty, and economy, is being felt around the world. As more women choose to pursue entrepreneurship for freedom, others have felt lost and without clarity on how to move forward. That’s why women in business need connection, community, support and guidance now more than ever,” explains Vrancken.

The ‘BE…‘ book is a personal roadmap for self-transformation, supported by a powerful collection of exercises. Along with science-based information and industry insights, readers traverse and shape their inner landscape with a series of simple and profound exercises called “Movements.”

As you move through the Movements, you will begin to build an intrinsic fortification against the challenges of entrepreneurship. Each Movement is made to direct you toward your highest passion and purpose.

For Vrancken, her highest passion is advocating for women to communicate their truths, stand in their power, and tell their stories with authentic personal brands and products.

Through her collaboration on the groundbreaking book ‘BE…‘ and commitment to helping female entrepreneurs rise, Vrancken holds a torch for millions of women in business. To learn more about Lisa Vrancken and her offerings visit, join her on Facebook and Instagram, and pre-order ‘BE… From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity,‘ released on June 28, 2022.

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