How Stéph & Shay Schafeitel Overcame a Lifetime of Challenges and Became Mindpower Coaches

“Focused mind power is one of the strongest forces on earth.” – Mark Victor Hansen

You can achieve anything through mental resilience. Challenges are part of every success story, but only those who manage to get up and face them have become truly successful in their lives. Mindpower coaches Stéph and Shay Schafeitel are on a mission to help people discover their mental toughness and emotional resilience to win over any personal crisis. To achieve this mission, the power couple has turned into best-selling authors with their book Master Your Mindpower. The book has already become a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon bestseller. 

Master Your Mindpower is a 12-year research project studying some of the most successful people in the world, including professional athletes, millionaires, billionaires, Navy SEALs, army rangers, trauma physicians, and even soccer moms. Authors Stéphane & Shalee Schafeitel believe that these people form the 1 percent of the global population who have managed to overcome every crisis through mental toughness and emotional resilience. The book shares these hidden approaches towards mind power and mental resilience to help others join this 1 percent. Master Your Mindpower is available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook versions. 

Stéph and Shay have overcome a series of challenges in their personal lives to become the impactful mindpower coaches they are. Stéphane was only 16 when he started living all by himself. Abandoned by his mother at 4 and his father when he was in high school, Stéphane earned his living by mowing lawns in the neighborhood. He paid for his studies by working as a cook in a hotel on weekends. All these struggles required immense mental strength to become a winner. 

Shay’s story is also inspiring. Shay was fresh out of college when she got her dream job. She was able to pay her bills and also utilize her potential working with a team of young and enthusiastic people. Unfortunately, within a year, she lost her job and was completely devastated. She began to seek pleasure through food, which ultimately took a toll on her health. It took her a while to recollect herself and focus on bettering her life. When she discovered her mental resilience, Shalee was ready to fight every battle to get her life back on track. She lost the excess weight, sweating it out at the gym to become a popular model on magazine covers. She even placed in triathlons and became a role model for many women who wanted to walk in her shoes. 

During this time, Shalee was encouraged by her husband Stéphane to become a mind-power coach, and thus began the power couple’s journey. Apart from being top international bestselling authors, Stéph and Shay have launched a bi-weekly show called “LIVE with Stéph & Shay” and a podcast titled “The Mindpower Podcast with Stéph & Shay.” To take the initiative further, Stéph & Shay started a 6-week virtual development program, Mindpower Breakthrough, to help others overcome their mental weaknesses. The couple is also leading the way for more coaches through their 12-week mindpower coaching certification and licensing program, called Mindpower Coaching Academy.   

Stéph and Shay have dedicated their lives to helping billions of people discover mental toughness and emotional resilience. They personally attend to 20 private clients every week and speak at various public seminars to create a ripple effect among people and transform millions of lives around the world.

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