Here’s Why Cydcor Is One Of The Most Trusted Names In Outsourced Sales

Demonstrating success in outsourced sales since 1994, Cydcor is a leader in its industry for a reason. The purpose-driven company helps fortune 500 and emerging companies achieve their business goals from customer acquisition to perfecting sales processes. And what sets Cydcor apart is its unmatched reputation for sales excellence and expertise. Read on to learn more. 

It’s hard to find companies that truly care about what they do in this day and age, let alone care about their clients and employees. Implementing a mission backed by a purpose sets businesses apart from the rest, and with every passing year, these businesses are becoming increasingly rare. 

There’s nothing worse than investing your time and energy in a company that turns out to have no interest in you except for your wallet. But in this day and age, a reputation like that can have your organization spiraling in no time. In a recent global study, it was found that consumers are four to six times more likely to interact with and support purpose-driven companies. 

Consumers have the upper hand now more than ever, making it evidently important to invest in your business’s customer service and lead with a purpose. 

One company that has stuck behind its mission since day one is Cydcor, an expert in all things outsourced sales and customer acquisition. Helping others is what the company not only stands for but practices with every internal and external interaction. 

“You’re not successful in our business unless you help others succeed,” says Gail Michalak, Vice-President of Marketing and Communications at Cydcor.

Consistently exceeding client expectations is only part of what makes Cydcor an industry leader. The company was ranked on the Los Angeles Business Journal’s Best Places To Work list 10 times as it fosters a positive work environment and prioritizes its employees. A key to any successful business is investing in the team members just as much as the clients. 71% of executives say that employee engagement is critical to their company’s success.

As it’s known, driven, motivated, and passionate employees are the backbone of any long-lasting organization. And at Cydcor, the company dedicates a main portion of its mission to its employees through management training. One factor that makes Cydcor such a successful company is its employee morale and the customer service the teams, outsourced by Cydcor, provide. 

As a face-to-face sales company, excellent customer service is a vital part of what makes Cydcor a top leader, a treasured asset in today’s heavily dominant online world. 

With over 25 years of putting together outsourced sales teams across Canada and the US, it’s no wonder why Cydcor is one of the best in the business. 

Simply put, “we’re a people-helping-people business,” Vera Quinn says, Chief Executive Officer and President of Cydcor. And that is exactly what Cydcor does. The purpose-driven company continues its mission to assist fortune 500 and emerging companies elevate their businesses while giving back to the community through their philanthropic endeavours

Leadership, expertise, and security are a few of the many traits that define Cydcor. But above all, the company helps its clients in a few fundamental areas:

  • Acquire new customers 
  • Grow market shares
  • Penetrate new territory 
  • Retain and re-engage customers 
  • Increase customer value 

When asked what the main mission of Cydcor is, Quinn answers without delay. 

“We are who clients can count on to get their brand products and services exposure in front of a customer,” and the company achieves this in a few ways. “We break down complex ideas or services and we simplify them in a way that makes a customer create a great decision to either save money or use a service in a different, better way.”

And the “faces” behind Cydcor’s face-to-face sales are the outsourced teams. “We can put together a team that’s well trained, has great character and integrity that can speak to a customer about your products as good as if not better than your own employees,” Quinn continues. 

When an organization runs on a purpose, it bleeds into the rest of the team. Selling a product to consumers in today’s landscape is almost impossible without integrity, passion, and authenticity. And Cydcor ensures that with every moving part, these core values are carried throughout. 

“There are a few things happening today. But mainly there is a lack of customer service. And you can see that everywhere,” says Quinn. Without adequate customer service, your products and services will remain on your inventory list. 

That’s where the customer acquisition expert company, Cydcor, can help. 

More than a company, Cydcor provides career opportunities, goes above and beyond in its community involvement, and produces real results for its clients. When you lead with purpose, success follows, and Cydcor fosters an environment that aims to achieve excellence in all areas of life, both personal and professional. 

As they say, success is a mindset, but at Cydcor, success is a guarantee. 

To learn more about Cydcor and how they can help you achieve your business goals, visit their website now. 

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