Harnessing The Potential Power Of Working Online

Venture capitalist and Successful Entrepreneur, Ron Bauer shares the benefits of working from home.

Pictured: Ron Bauer.

Ron Bauer is a founder and entrepreneur with an impressive track record. Discovering his passion early on, he was trading stocks at the age of 16 and went on to develop a sophisticated knowledge of the stock market. After studying finance, working in asset management and gaining an MBA from the University of cambridge, Bauer started his entrepreneuriall journey and founded a number of companies. 

Now an established startup founder and serial entrepreneur with stakes in multiple companies worldwide, Bauer had a punishing travel schedule pre-pandemic that meant he was away from home about 60% of the time. This forced him to miss a lot of family time and the opportunity to see his young children grow up. He is determined not to miss any more.

Relationships are fundamental to the work Bauer does. He is constantly connecting startups and growth companies with his vast network across the world. This may be in relation to takeovers, mergers and acquisitions or most commonly, helping to prepare to take a company public through an IPO. His 22 years’ experience in this field has created a strong international network of accountants, bankers, underwriters and lawyers. Business has always been done in person, establishing rapport over lunches or dinners and building relationships in the boardroom or over meals and drinks. 

When lockdown started, Bauer wondered how this foundational part of his business would survive. Luckily, it proved to translate perfectly well online and some of his portfolio companies were able to raise $100’s of millions through IPOs and secondary financings through Zoom roadshows alone. This discovery has inspired a change in the business model of his venture capital firm Theseus Capital

Previously Bauer and his partners guided a company through the process of fundraising, IPOs and takeovers in exchange for a stake in the company. Bauer’s new model is an business mentorship one, much closer to being a business coach or mentor with a fee instead of shares. 

Companies and budding entrepreneurs can apply to Bauer for the exclusive opportunity to gain the benefit of his years of experience, paying a fee instead of giving up large stakes in their companies. Bauer will only work with a few select founders who qualify for his exclusive hands on services.

Having gone through the IPO process with dozens of companies over 20 years, Bauer knows the landscape inside out, including the potential pitfalls in terms of regulatory and legal issues. His new role is to be a mentor and guide founders on the journey that lays ahead for them, saving them money and time.

The business coaching relationship is one that lasts the whole journey. From startup, to packaging the company story, to selecting the perfect team, helping find the right consultants to secure funds and overcoming any obstacles, Bauer is there to guide his founder clients every step of the way.

Preparing for an IPO can be a costly and complex undertaking. Having an experienced and direct business coach or mentor who will guide you through the difficult process is invaluable. Bauer not only draws on his extensive experience, but provides contacts from his vast global network. Knowing what is a fair rate to pay everyone, as well as who will act with integrity is a key element of his information sharing. He will help review term sheets from investors and advise on the best way to negotiate in order to get the best deal.

Bauer gave us his thoughts on the benefits of working from home, from the perspective of an entrepreneur. When starting up, you do not have to spend money you may not have on expensive offices. You can have a virtual office with a virtual PA answering service rerouting them to your mobile. This retains the air of professionalism whilst not suffering massive overhead costs of an office hire. With Zoom, Teams and many other video software solutions at your fingertips, you can effectively run a business empire from your living room or the beach! This digital nomadic lifestyle is an element of the technological revolution that is a large part of Bauer’s investment strategy.

Many people own multiple devices, all of which require power and raw materials to build and maintain. Beginning in the gas and oil sector, Bauer is now involved with companies spanning a wide range of industries; from fintech and gaming to biotech, oil & gas and mining. He is fascinated by raw materials and the application of them in all aspects of our modern technological lives. “The prices of commodities are only going to go up, not down, as technology gets more complicated,” says Bauer.

The constant international travel that Bauer was doing pre-pandemic took a toll on his health. Working from home allowed him to rebuild it and reassess his values of what matters most in life. Entrepreneurs who engage Bauer’s services for the journey are not investing in him, they are investing in themselves and their business.

To work with Ron Bauer, visit www.thescapital.com

Only a few select founders will have this opportunity…!!!

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