Comedian Richard Lewis is 'finished with stand-up' after Parkinson's disease diagnosis

Fans can expect to catch Richard Lewis on the new season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” but it seems his days on comedy stages are over.

The comedian revealed on Sunday in a Twitter video that he has been living with Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative brain disorder. He also declared that he is “finished with stand-up.”

“I’ve had sort of a rocky time,” he said. “People have said, ‘I haven’t heard from you, are you still touring?’ Well, here’s really what happened.”

Lewis, 75, said three and a half years ago he “was in the middle of a tour” when he decided to leave the stand-up scene while he was “feeling at the top of my game.”

“After 50 years almost, I’m just gonna call it quits. And I felt great about that. And then out of the blue, the s— hit the fan,” he continued.

Following his tour, Lewis said he underwent several medical procedures for his back, shoulder and hip. The comedian, who portrays a fictionalized version of himself in “Curb,” said his first symptoms of Parkinson’s disease came after the surgeries.

“I started walking a little stiffly, I was shuffling my feet and I went to a neurologist and they gave me a brain scan and I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease,” Lewis said.

The actor said his doctors assured him that his disease “progressed very slowly, if at all.” Lewis also told fans that he’s on medication for the disorder.

Lewis also said he will turn his attention to writing and acting.

“I have Parkinson’s disease, but I’m under a doctor’s care and everything is cool,” he said.

Lewis began his career in his 20s performing at New York’s Improv. In the ’90s he landed a variety of TV series including “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” starring Larry David. Lewis also appeared in Mel Brooks’ “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” and “Drunks.”

On Twitter, Lewis got support from “Curb” co-star Cheryl Hines, who called him “just a beautiful person.”

“I hope the love you’re receiving from everyone will continue to make you stronger everyday,” Hines wrote.

“Star Wars” icon Mark Hamill tweeted, “Wishing you all the best & thanking you for a lifetime of laughs.”

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